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Welcome to Underground Ventures

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Underground Ventures was founded with the understanding that underrepresented founders often struggle to build successful technology companies - not due to a lack of ingenuity or business acumen - but often due to a lack of access to friends and family capital and a network that can provide connections to whatever founders need to build their businesses.

My own experiences as a successful entrepreneur with two exits under my belt, coupled with my experiences working on the other side of the table in venture capital have given me unique insight into the the life of an early stage technology startup. It is my goal to utilize all of my experiences, relationships, and abilities to help take a select group of minority founded startups to profitable exits.

I have committed $250,000 total to be administered across 5 early stage companies in 2020 and am in the process of building strategic partnerships in funding, product development, legal support, and access to talent to help early stage companies make it to their first institutional round of capital.

While Underground Ventures is looking to come in as a startup's first investor, we also are looking for companies that have a proven model to generate revenue - even if they are pre-product. Entrepreneurs often get lost in the product and forget that the product itself is not the business, it is a tool to ameliorate and accelerate the business.

We're a few months out from beginning to source and do due diligence on our first cohort but if you are a founder or have any founders in your network, please reach out to me via the form on the site or at

- Chandler

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